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    AMAI #1/4
    feat. Cupp Cave & Dem Hunger (VLEK01/A)

    VLEK01/A is now available through our tumblr, and distributed worldwide by KOMPAKT.

    300 hand-numbered copies -  7” 45 RPM
    Hand-screenprinted with glow in the dark or golden ink.
    Artwork by Lilie-O-Mallet

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    A/ Cupp Cave - Coke Owls

    Cupp Cave - Coke Owls by vlek

    B/ Dem Hunger - Squint Fucker
    Dem Hunger - Squint Fucker by vlek

    The Compilation.

    Vlek is Brussels’ patois for Junk.  Cheap goods.  For things that just fall apart as soon as you hold’ em.  The name is testament to our willingness in creating just the opposite: Something that will last in a country that seems to be disintegrating before our very eyes.  Sat atop of the rubble of what once was Belgium, we’re firing multi-coloured flares in all directions in an attempt to attract the attention of any international rescue teams in our vicinity.  For better of for worse, we decided to exfiltrate those that could be saved.  We present you with reports from those very missions, in formats that will stanf the tests of time: AMAI.

    The Artists.

    Cupp Cave (Belgium).
    aka KingFisherg, Sineshine.

    Cupp Cave was once heralded as Belgian’s Best Kept Secret.  Well, guess what?  The secret’s out.  From the US to Japan, his glitchy beats have stood out as some of the most innovative and rich amongst today’s electronic hip hop producers. 

    But he doesn’t stop at just making dope beats, he crafts universes, ocean deep and mountains high.  He’s also proven his ability to wear as the weather and terrains demand while roaming through these sonic landscapes.  As Kingfisherg he’s spent his time excavating golden sine waves from deep, lost caves. As Sineshine, he’s fished out a treasure trove of long-forgotten disco nuggets.  As Cupp Cave, he serves up busted-gaming-console-and-dusted-broken-beat concentrate, filtered through a tub of radioactive waste to devastating effects.  He also forms one half of Surfkill along with Dynooo.

    Discography includes: Surfkill: Sci-fi Cream / Mick Vackey II (Surfkill 2010), Cupp Cave: Garbage Pail Beats (Thin Consolation, 2008) and Kingfisherg: Maverick Mouth (Carte Postale, 2007) & Hum Fire K7 (Wigflip, 2010).

    Dem Hunger (UK).

    This Anglo-Syrian cat has laid some impressive piss-tainted sweat drops down to cassette over the last few weeks.  His ‘Caveman Smack’ release reeks of human corpses decaying on the floor with their eyes dangling out of their sockets.  It’s all skulls bashed up in the river with the music sort of floating around, resonating of their jawbones.  Dem Hunger is developping a science of flesh decay, and this is his latest experiment. 

    Discography includes: Caveman Smack K7 (Leaving Records 2010), Gonjasufi - SuzieQ / Dem Hunger Bowel Blood Remix (Warp 2010) & lots of other stuff.

    Download Press Release PDF
    Download Promo Pack (pictures, covers, etc..)

    AMAI #2/4 (Cat.Nr VLEK02/M) will feature LAPTI & SQUEAKY LOBSTER.

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